Camping in Tale

Our special space dedicated to camping is ready to offer you ample space for you and your family. We offer electricity, as well as any other extra service from our staff who are ready at any moment to help you.

Reasons why you should come to Tales Beach?

1. Clean Beach


Tale stands out as a pretty clean beach that will surprise you. Whether you want to stand on the soft sand, swim in the blue water, or just take a leisurely stroll along the coast, Tales beach will offer you a perfect combination of tranquility and natural beauty. From quiet and special places to vast areas of sand.

2. Amazing views


Imagine waking up with a panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea on the horizon. Tale, Lezhe, has stunning coastal landscapes. Endless space and a virgin beach will create a magical permeability for your camping experience. Capture the beauty of nature and create memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Local cuisine and culture

Enjoy the local Albanian cuisine and end up in the cultural heritage of the region. It is home to stunning coastal villages where you can sample fresh seafood, enjoy traditional dishes and mingle with friendly locals. Explore local markets, discover traditional crafts and attend cultural events for a truly beautiful experience.